Back in early March I spent a day with Dean Wilson & C-Lo. We left his house in Clermont and headed towards RJ Hampshires place near Brooksville. I was armed with my Sony FS5 video camera and just a 50mm 1.8 lens due to issues with my 70-200 lens. It was a super last minute spur of the moment concept & idea. I had seen that Dean had just got to Florida, I had a free day so I hit him up to see if I could tag along. It was an awesome morning getting to the track, jamming good tunes talking about anything under the sun besides dirt bikes. We had nothing planned besides getting motos in before the rains came. Dean took to the track to get used to everything then put down a moto. He ended up breaking a wheel, but luckily our day was salvaged by a very friendly neighbor with a husky wheel. (haha). I didn’t ask anything of Deano, I wasn’t there to make his day hard, I was fortunate enough to be able to go along, and this is what I captured. Nothing staged, nothing set up, just realistic motos.

I didn’t use a tripod, I sometimes struggled with shot structure due to focal length, but I’m still stoked with the creation.

It took me a long damn time to put this together. Unfortunately at Daytona I got knocked out racing Am day, and have really been struggling with focus and getting back to brain normality. Keep your eyes peeled on the site in the next couple weeks, as I’ll be writing a story explain the recovery I’ve been going through. I really knocked some sense into myself for once I believe. I’ve been really focused on real life, balancing a few jobs to keep my bills paid, trying to smile as much as I can, and doing things that are good for me.

Until next time, Enjoy.

Jordan Hoover.